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“Desert Flower” Trailer (2009)

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I was looking around for films that came out in 2009, and I came across a film called “Desert Flower”.

I looked at the summary in IMDb and found that it is an autobiography…!

I had a look at the trailer and it looks very interesting! I’m definitely going to have a look at it with some of my other cat friends!

My Opinion of: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

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"Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" Poster
“Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” Poster

I had recently seen this trailer of Anchorman 2, saying that it had 700-something funny jokes, so I was thinking of having a look at the first movie of Anchorman instead.

It was an… interesting movie – definitely interesting. I suppose having watched all those other movies had my humor shaped differently than what I had expected, so it was quite refreshing to see such a movie.

It had a bit of Will Ferell humor, so I couldn’t say no to begin with! I mean, I have to be honest: amongst all actors and comedians, I would have to list Will Ferell to be one of my top and most favorite actors ever.

The story is about a guy who holds the position of being a channel 4′s news anchorman in the 70′s. However, he is in for a surprize when he, first falls in love, and then his position as the most popular man is… well, in simple terms, taken away…

An Interesting Gender Switch…!

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A dear friend of mine sent this link to me, knowing my soft spot for Disney characters.

And here it is for you all as well.

An interesting gender switch for female characters into males, and male characters into females!

P.S. The art is a-ma-zing!!!,manual

“Game of Thrones” Season 3 Highlights

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Since the time is approaching for the new season (Season 4) of “Game of Thrones” to come out and the birds around me keep nagging and chirping all the time about it, I realized that maybe it was time to remind myself of a few highlights of the previous season.

Thank you Clevver News for reminding me of how awesome this series is!!

A Woman’s and a Man’s Mind at Work…?

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I found this video through another cat friends of mine – yes, we are not as cynical as a lot of humans think we are! – and showed me this.

Alright, well this explains a few things about how you humans work… I think?

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A Heart-Warming Story

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I found this as I was looking through YouTube and it did make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…

Hope it does the same to you! … Or something like that atleast…

Trailer: “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ (2014)

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Everybody knows the story of the “Amazing Spider-Man” and, personally, I prefer this type of Spider-Man for one and only reason: his spider-web is made by him; it’s not produced “naturally” after he is bitten. This Spider-Man is a genius, and the only “extention” to his human self after he is bitten is – correct me if I’m wrong – super-human strength and the ability to walk on walls and ceilings etc.

When this movie comes out in theatres, I am definitely watching it! Anyone else with me?!