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One More Disney Song For You…

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Here is one of my most favorite Disney songs of all: from Disney’s Hercules, “The Gospel Truth”.

If you have any Disney songs that you consider to be top of the top amongst other Disney ones, do tell me :D

“Friends On The Other Side” from Disney’s “Princess and the Frog” (2009)

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I was looking around the Disney film and wondering which songs I could put in my top 10.

So! Enjoy the first song that I had a look at as I make my top 10 Disney songs – coming soon!

And the winner is: Elsa vs Jack Frost

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Before I go on to post the ‘results’ of who won, I would first like to thank you all for voting and sending me your opinion of who won and who lost.

I had a few tell me that it would be a draw, because there would be no reason for them to fight – unless it’s a couples fight. Why? Because so many of you humans seem to love the idea of Elsa and Jack Frost to be a couple. I consulted a cat-friend of mine and he showed me (when the Director was out obviously) pictures on the internet that were fan made, depicting Elsa and Jack Frost together. I have to admit, if they were ever to meet each other it would be an interesting movie to watch.

However, if we had to say that someone would win, I would have to agree that it would be Elsa. Why? Well, lets think about this for a second of what we’ve seen: we’ve seen Elsa fight and make shards out of nothing and so on. Jack Frost on the other hand, we’ve seen making snowflakes and ice ramps out of thin air. Lets imagine though that Jack Frost is able to shards out of ice. Is Elsa able to make snowflakes that last (cause we’ve seen her make snowflakes but they didn’t last for long, only for a verse in her song “Let It Go”)? Pro~obably.

Now lets think of another thing: How did they beat their movies’ villains? Elsa managed to bring her sister ‘back to life’ with sisterly love. Then thebad guy was taken away. Jack Frost beat his villain by making kids believe in him and by not being afraid. Who’s is more heroic? I’d say Elsa.

Don’t get me wrong – I like both characters and I find them both as strong! But, when it comes down to choosing one, I’d say Elsa is the winner. Who knows? Maybe if things got worse in a fight between them, Elsa would lock him up in a palace made of ice and keep him there for … company.

Elsa vs Jack Frost

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*Ding Ding Ding*

On one corner of the ring we have Disney’s Elsa, the Frost Queen! Aaand on the other corner, we have Jack Frost, one of Dreamwork’s Guardians!

Today we will debate on who would win in a fight of brains, braun, and, well, ice!

Elsa had a bit of trouble with controlling her powers, and when they got out of hand, she run away. Everything turned out for the better since her running away let her come to terms with who she is and was then able to control them. Well, not just control them, but one could say that she even mastered them! Lets have a look at a few of them, shall we? Before she mastered them, she made a whole city go below zero (temperature-wize), she froze the water that surrounded the city (and it was not a small river or a small lake for that matter!), she made a snowman AND brought him to life (!), she made a whole castle out of ice (decorating it with a chandelier as well), and, made her own dress (which was kind of weird, but anyway, we loved it!). I’m not going to say anymore because I said the beginning-middle of the film, and maybe have said too much already. Moving on:

Jack Frost on the other hand, who was he? Well, we begin knowing that he caused a lot of mischief. He had some trouble coming to terms with who he was, why he was called to be a Guardian, why he had these strange powers, and was quite depressed about the fact that he was invisible to so many children. Actually, no. Lets replace the word “depressed” with “desperate” and ask ourselves why he was not able to be seen by othe children when – supposedly – the Toothfairy for example could be seen. When he finally realized the answer to that, he then understood why he had these powers and why he was called to be a Guardian. He was then finally… *cough* erm, no I won’t tell you what happened. I migth have told you the problems of our hero but I will not tell you the ending.

So, these two characters have a lot in common: coming to terms with who they are, having a tiny bit of trouble of mastering their powers and, oh what is that? – they also share in cmmon the fact that they both have ice powers.

Thus, before I go on to say who I think would win, I would love to hear some of your opinions of who you think would win!? Elsa? Or Jack Frost?

His Second Disney Parody Is Here!

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Summer is here and the heat is really getting to me. I mean, with all this fur and playing with Prey, I really tire myself out so easily.

However! Yesterday, the Director – finally – decided to turn on the fan on. And guess what I was doing all day yesterday to get my energy back…? Sitting in front of the fan all day long!

But enough about that. While I was enjoying my time yesterday, I came across this video:

It’s made by the same guy who did the first Disney parody, and – obviously – it’s with new characters this time! I’m not going to tell you who he uses this time. But I’m going to tell you two things.

1. I can honestly say that, in relation to the previous video, his vocals and performance are much better. Not that he wasn’t amazing to begin with. It’s just that this time, he really made me say “wow” outloud!

And 2. You do not expect the four (female) Disney characters he uses!

I hope you enjoy!

My Opinion of: “The Lego Movie” (2014)

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"The Lego Movie" Poster
“The Lego Movie” Poster

So, I’m pretty sure all of you are familiar with the toy “Lego” at least – the Director never let me play with them because he was afraid that I would chew them and brake my teeth, or damage my gums, or even swallow them, but they looked so fun whenever he would build something!

Well, this takes the toy, and makes a movie based on it. The result: I could not stop laughing. The plot and characters are so well made – and at some point, I have to admit, seemed so random – that I couldn’t help it but think that it was very well put together.

The plot is about this ordinary Lego, Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt), who is assumed to be the “Special” who will win against evil from… well, I don’t want to tell you cause I didn’t know and when I found out, I was surprized! – and I hope that you will be surprized as well… not exactly at what he was actually doing, but if you pieced everything that was happening in the film, you’re probably going to say “no way!” like I did.

And just for those of you who want that extra little something of a push that makes you want to see the movie, I’ll tell you something: there’s also Lego Gandalf (voiced by Todd Hansen), Lego Batman/Bruce Wayne (voice by Will Arnett), Superman (voiced by Channing Tatum), Wonder Woman (voiced by Cobie Smulders), Green Lantern (voiced by Jonah Hill),Lego Abraham Lincoln (voiced by Will Forte),  and …   – Drum Rolls Please! —  we also have Will Ferrell voicing Lego Lord Business and *cough cough* someone else, and also (!) Morgan Freeman voicing Lego Vitruvius!

Ok, so I might have given you a lot of voice actors and you might be thinking “what’s the point”, right? But really, when I saw all those Legos and who were the voice actors, I could not believe it. Honestly, it was the first time that it made me think of how important it is to have a look at who is playing or voice acting, even if they are secondary characters in the film – and I was so glad I did have a look!

I hope you have the chance to watch the film as well and – if possible – I hope to see comments about the film as well!


“This Is So Cool” Video

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Now, you may be wondering why I have called this video “this is so cool” because, as I was watching this video, I couldn’t stop saying “This. Is. So. Cool”.

Even if you have no intent of seeing the whole thing, I would advice you to atleast watch the beginning. It is… well… (don’t hate me) it’s so cool!!

The man has talent (and a lot of patience)! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!