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Sam Smith and James Bond “Spectre” (2015)

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Sam Smith “gives” his voice to the new James Bond opening and theme with “Writing’s on the Wall”.

Waiting for it… Halloween 2015 – Jimmy Kimmel Version!

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Waiting for Jimmy Kimmel’s “I ate my kid’s halloween candy”, lets remind ourselves of last year’s video compšŸ˜€

Poor kids……… am I terrible for still laughing though? xD

My Opinion of: “Black Mass” (2015)

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Ā Getting down to what “Black Mass” is really about:Ā The story of White Bulger,Ā the most infamous violent criminal in the history of South Boston, who became an FBI informant to take down a Mafia family invading his turf. And this is not just a movie that is there of the blockbuster. You can think that and noone will stop you, but trust me when I say… it. is. so. worth. watching.

First of all, the directing – yes, I have to mention this – is incredible. If you pay a bit more attention that just the plot and the dialogue, you pick little things here and there that just add so much more to the film. All im gonna say is: look out for angles and shots.

Second, the flow of the story runs so smoothly there is not much that can confuse you. I have mingled with other cats that just don’t get it when it comes to either passage of time or time skip. They just do not! But this movie is so easy to follow and it keeps having you at the edge of seat. Well, more like against the back of your seat. Which brings me to the third comment: acting.

You know how Johnny Depp has shown us in almost all his movie that little quirk that he has? I can’t explain it, but he just does…?! Well, in this one, since you know him well, you can’t help but notice it, but it is so dulled down and his acting is so… erm… realistic (?) intense (?) chilling (?) … It is just so well done and so well performed, that you can’t help but be pulled in along with the other characters and fear him – both the character and the actor.

A very well put-together film that I bet anyone can enjoy. Has anyone seen it yet? Or anyone who wants to see it? Soon?

Trailer: “Black Mass” (2015)

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Only one question to describe this: “Are you ready to get chills?”

“Big Hero 6” (2014): “Immortals” by Fall Out Boy

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Was looking through a list of already watched movies and I came across Big Hero 6…


My Opinion of: “Devious Maids” (2013-?)

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Ā “Devious Maids” PosterSo, I’ve been wondering what to watch next when I realized that I have left the section of “series” and “television” quite dry for a while. Thus! Here I am, to add a new section to it, and the topic is: “Devious Maids”.

Yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking… “a whole lot of drama and whole lot of romance” and “cliche” and so on. And you know what? You may be right… for a part of it.

The series mixes romance and drama with a hint of *wait for it* mystery and crime. It all begins when one maid gets murdered at a grand party and the whole issue is trying to be taken under a “hush hush” treatment. Not for Marisol though! She’s a new maid around town and she is up for taking the challenge of, yap! Uncovering the mystery to… erm… you’ll find out why. She befriends 3 other latinas who have come to America to 1. make a living 2. have a better life and 3. to make her career -slash- dream come true. Together, they form a deadly partnership while struggling with their own demons.

The series will captivate you from the plot and development to the characters and their variety. It’s pretty clear from the pilot episode, but nevertheless! Give it a shot! And for those that have already, what do you think? Did you like it? Did you not like it?