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Video of the Week: An inside look on Suicide Squad!

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Now, I don’t want to take any credit on this, but all I’m gonna say is… well actually two things:

1. The video was enough for me to subscribe and have a look at more videos by this YouTuber (check him out).

2. Those were actually some pretty neat points made… I never noticed some of them and didn’t even think of noticing them to be honest. WARNING: it does contain some spoilers!

Trailer: “Tomorrowland” (2015)

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I went and watched this when it came out and… to be honest, it was better than I expected…

Review coming up soon peeps ^^

Trailer: “Mortdecai” (2015)

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Discussion coming soon ^^

My Opinion Of: “The Angriest Man In Brooklyn” (2014)

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"The Agriest Man In Brooklyn" Poster
“The Agriest Man In Brooklyn” Poster

The angriest man in Brooklyn… well, you can see where the dark humor comes in the film. Robin Williams plays… astounding doesn’t even do him justice in this film I think, but moving on; the film follows the angriest man in Brooklyn as he takes his “results” from the doctor-substitute (Mila Kunis). Now, you may have noticed the quotes I placed before and after ‘results’… yeah, that’s because the doctor that was explaining to him about his results had had it up to *here* (here, gesturing above the head, meaning the blood rising) with his nagging. So, maybe she might have lied about it… that he has 90 minutes to live?

A black comedy about the angriest man in Brooklyn who thinks that he will die in the next 90 minutes, the doctor who tries desperately to find him in order to tell him the truth… It will have you rolling around in tears of laughter and then of emotion… A great movie to sit and watch with your friends with some popcorn and chips in between… recommended!!

P.S. Guess who plays the protagonist’s brother (look at the poster *meow*).

Trailer: “The Angriest Man In Brooklyn” (2014)

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I know Robin Williams is considered to be an all-time classic, but… wow, what a movie! We’ll be talking about this soon!

My Opinion Of: “Short Term 12” (2013)

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“Short Term 12” Poster

Nothing beats like a good ol’ stretch in the morning after a good nap. I stretched and wiggled my tail, cleaned my whiskers and search for a bowl of milk. And what a lovely caretaker the Director is, really; he was already up and had already put a fresh serving of milk for me. I took a few licks and went to find him so as to thank him for it.

I found him lying on his bed and watching a movie: Short term 12. I wondered about the title, sounded like a crime movie honestly. Well, it was not really like that though. The story revolved mainly around a young woman, Grace (Brie Larson) who worked as a supervising staff member of a residential treatment facility along with her boyfriend, Mason (John Gallagher Jr.). The two did their best to take care of the kids that lived there and attempted to calm their troubled souls (sounds like I’m exaggerating but once you see the movie you’ll understand).

The film is heavier than it seems to be honest, but it does make you feel like you can do so much more for those around you and for those that you really care about. It’s a movie that makes you feel maybe depressed once it ends, but after that, it makes you feel so motivated to do something, not only for others, but also for yourself.

The cinematography was quite pleasing as well, apart from one slight thing: the moving camera from time to time. Then again, that is something that is of a personal preference – if you are going to give the film a realistic view of it, then go ahead and shake, but for me, it was sometime a little too much to bear (I had just woken up as well). The Director seemed to like it however, he mumbled to himself that there was more than what met the eye with the cinematography and the camera movement and all that.

A movie that is worth watching – trust me, time flies away, the movie makes you want to know more, and the ending was actually quite satisfying.