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Trailer: “Kingsman: Secret Organization” (2015)

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This movie… this movie! The Director was going to go see this movie, and it had been so long since I gotten to see a movie in the theatre that I just had to sneek in as well (without the Director knowing or else no crunchies for me!). But *wow* I HIGHLY reccommend it! I’ll only say one thing: this is definitely going up on my top 10… maybe even top 5!

Review coming soon.

Trailer: “Ted 2″ Is Here!

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To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this, but, hey! It’s comedy, I’ll give it a shot.

“Tinderella” by “College Humor”

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All is said by the title of the video… enjoy!

Trailer: “Focus” (2015)

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Five words: I. Am. So. Watching. This.

My Opinion Of: “Kokuhaku” A.K.A. “Confessions” (2010)

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“Confessions” Poster

I remember the Director one afternoon bringing over two friends of his for, what he likes to call, “Pizza Night”. What they do from time to time is to order a large pizza with 4+ ingredients on it, have some popcorn to the side, drinks of their liking, and a movie. Now, each month has its respective month (eg. January is comedy). This time however, they said to watch something other than what they had planned. And that was “Confessions”. So I jumped on the back of the couch, curled into a ball, and watched with them – while nibbling on some cheese from the pizza :3

The film began showing a class where the students all drank milk. They were all laughing and smiling and so on; but the classroom looked dark, low lighting. At some point, the teacher talks and she started talking about her personal life. More specifically however, she started talking about how her daughter drowned in the school’s swimmingpool and how it was thought to be an accident. This is the first few minutes only, mind you! And then it got worse. She continued talking about how her…………….. You know what, no; I’ll just say that she continued talking about how she planned on getting revenge on the killers of her daughter, because she believed that it was no accident that she drowned, but she was killed and by two of her students – oh, should I mention that she knew who they were aswell?

And this, I repeat, are the first few minutes of the movie. The film is called “Confessions” because it is split into telling and showing 4? different stories? Someting like that atleast. I will warn you readers and those who are planning to watch it, it is a┬ástrange, dark movie that not a lot of viewers will be able to stomach. I mean, I personally at some point could not sit and watch it without the Director’s protection (yap, I hid behind his back and continued watching after that only parts of the movie).

If you guys watch it, do come back and share your opinion :D

Trailer: “Unfriended” (2015)

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Ok. I’m not a fan of horror movies. Lets begin with that. They creep me out, they keep me on their toes, which, ok, it’s the point of it all. But, I’m not a fan of a movie keeping me awake for a couple of days after watching it.

Now, I might watch this thought…

With a lot of friends.

And the lights on.

In the middle of the day.

Trailer: “Confessions” (2010)

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I watched this movie a couple of years back and, in my personal opinion, once you see this movie, you don’t forget about it. Here’s the trailer first, and discussion about it to be noted.

Warning: it’s not a movie for the fainthearted…